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Q10: What is the expected life of the bulb? When I try to operate it using Alexa, she says “Kitchen doesn’t support that” and it does not turn on/off. Greenwave Reality TCP Connected Smart LED Light Bulb Starter Kit TCP is one of the other main players that have thrown their hats into the smart lighting ring. Brightness, schedules and timers can … 4 days ago. See light commands for how to control lights.. Light Types~ Switched Lights aka Relays~. Group lamps, Timer and Schedule functions available. Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home Assistant – Just download the TCP Smart skill to enjoy controlling your lighting with simple commands. This guide will show you how to create an Alexa routine with a custom voice command in the Alexa app. $18 at Amazon Read First Take Easy installation, Fit, Connect, Play. I have the TCP hub hooked up and connected with smartthings. (Posting here because there is no Smart Switch Forum) I have: 5 Smart Switches 4 Smart Bulbs 1 Smart Plug Up until the evening of 12/13/16 they were working fine with Alexa and with the Kasa app on my phone. The TCP Smart Wi-Fi Dimmable Light Candle Bulb can be controlled from anywhere with the TCP Smart Home app or with your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 3.Then add your tape in the TCP Smart app 4.Download the TCP Smart Alexa skill Set timers or routines, dim the lights or create the perfect ambience with over 16 million colours! 0330 555 65 75. The Smart Bulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. TCP Smart Wi-Fi Multicolour E27 LED Bulb 125/7979. Simply plug the products in, connect the app by entering your network details & start communicating with your TCP Smart … Just download the TCP Smart skill to enjoy controlling your lighting with simple commands. To find out the DeviceID of a Tuya-bulb, open the Smart Life app. Next, tap on "Edit." Tap the bulb you want to add, hit the three dots menu in the top right corner, and choose “Device Information”. You can also change the device name so it is more natural when you pass commands to Alexa. Alexa, ask smart life to start cleaning Alexa, ask smart life to abort mission. They work well, the timer function is good and it’s great being able to check and turn lights on and off via wifi if not at home via the TCP or Alexa app. Like the systems from Phillips and GE, their lights all connect to a gateway device that relays commands from other systems such as the Wink Hub, or to and from smart devices like Android and iOS phones and tablets. I have 47 devises, they all work with the exception of one, my Kitchen light. Alexa, tell smart life to pause vacuuming. The Google Assistant is a master at connecting to other devices in the smart home, with speakers like the Google Nest Mini and Nest Hub acting as a proxy to control lights, door locks, cameras and more.. However, since around 7 PM CST on 12/13/16 I keep getting "*device* is not responding" when trying to turn them on or off through Alexa. However, you can adjust the brightness on Smart Bulbs themselves through the Kasa app, or you can adjust the brightness via voice command with Alexa/Google Assistant. Alexa, tell smart life to stop cleaning. If you were to, say, open up the device’s own app, it will still use the original name that you gave it—renaming it through the Alexa app simply tells Alexa that “space heater” actually means “smart plug 2” (for example). Create your own custom voice command with Alexa! Everything working fine here. Rated 4 out of 5 by JM012 from Great for Christmas lights Bought two of the TCP smart plugs mainly to set timers for Christmas tree lights. TCP Connected Lighting: Almost the future of "smart" lighting The TCP Connected Lighting System is well-priced and has some great features but it falls just short of being really good With total control you can turn the light bulb on or off, set timers or just dim the lights to create the perfect lighting scene within your home. It should read "Enabled." Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is the one I really need. If Alexa is only having issues with a single bulb, try toggling Alexa control on and off. However, learning how to add devices to your Google Home can be confusing to start with. Next, drag your smart lights out to the grid. Switched or On/Off lights are controlled through Relay GPIOs.. The TCP Smart Wifi Classic Smart bulb can be changed from white to any colour by voice or using the TCP Smart app. If that occurs, the local version will not work. Simply place & plug the product in, connect the app by entering your network details & start communicating with your TCP Smart … Get the best prices with fast delivery. Features and Benefits Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home Assistant - Just download the TCP Smart skill to enjoy controlling your lighting with simple commands. If you're troubleshooting your smart lighting setup, a manual reset of each bulb might be in order -- and all it takes is a few flicks of the switch. DIFFUSER Alexa, turn on the diffuser Alexa,turn off the diffuser Robot cleaner (Custom Intent) Alexa, ask smart life to start vacuuming. Tap “Ask Alexa to run a flow,” the only trigger on this page. with Commands~. Int'l & Mobile Friendly You need a Google Home smart speaker, smart light bulbs, and the Google Assistant app for iOS or Android to set up smart lights. Set timers or routines, dim the light or set the ambience with over 100+ colours. On the next page, you can create your own custom voice command. For example, if a bulb on Kasa is named “Little Bulb”, we can say “Alexa, turn on the Little Bulb” and check if Alexa powers on this bulb. TCP Smart Wi-Fi Multicolour E27 LED Bulb. If you define multiple relays, they are controlled with Power starting at x=1.. Alexa: you can use Wemo emulation, your device will appear as a switch.You can change it to a light in the Alexa app. NEW WiFi GU10 Smart Lamps, compatible with Alexa and Google Home, RGB+White colour changing mood light, controlled by smart devices. I am trying to get the echo to connect to smartthings so I can control the bulbs by saying a command to Alexa… To do so, go to the "Smart Home" section of the Alexa app. Mine for example is 12204702807d3a252d43. So if you rename a smart bulb “Livingroom Light”, then Echo will get that same name after discovered the devices in Step 9; (5). Lamp colours can be dimmed or brighten to create a range of moods. Add your bulbs in the app by going to Explore > Compass > More > Settings > Home Control > Plus (+) > Phillips Hue. The good news: This Alexa-compatible lineup of Zigbee smart bulbs offers a variety of shapes and sizes, and starts at just $12 each. Try a manual reset. Can be used while still playing on the current device or paused. It will now show up on the list of devices on Alexa account and you can natively control all the devices. Pairs with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant using simple voice commands to control your Status Smart light bulb. Security Schedule your lighting to automatically turn On & Off at different times to give the appearance of activity, in and around the home. I can control it manually in the Alexa app. Read reviews (55) 1/17. Rating 4.4 out of 5. There are now a local and cloud version of the Kasa Integration. I just integrated ST and my Alexa. With smart-technology, and more recently smart lighting becoming a part of everyday life, it’s easy to see why we’re all hooked on screaming at an Amazon Alexa to do all of our daily tasks for us. The cloud version is intended for use when your firmware has been upgraded to the latest version. 0800 197 65 65. Q9: Will Smart Bulbs work with a dimmer? It’s a GE switch (as 95% of my other devices). Simply download the TCP Smart App from the Apple store or Google play, fit your bulb, then add your bulb in the App. Buy Tcp - 9W Dimmable Colour CHanging Smart LED GLS Lamp, 806lm, RGBW, B22. So, if you use both Alexa and the device’s app, rename it in both places. Create a phrase and choose what Alexa will do when it is said. Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home Assistant. ; Group lights by rooms by going to Home > Rooms.Tap the pencil icon and select a room, then tap Done. Smart bulbs acting up? Easy installation – Fit, Connect, Play. Order today - MPN: TAOLA60B2OWW25RGBW Find the bulb that is not responding and tap on its name. Enter your activation phrase under “Trigger Words.” In this case, we’re using “bed time.” Once you’re done, tap Save. TCP LGU35OWW2527 LED GU10 Smart Light Bulb Warm White 4.5W 380Lm (145HK) Controllable via app. This is the DeviceID of the bulb. Here is my current set up. Free from UK landlines. You will see a slider at the bottom of this screen. We have rounded up a range of commands that will work allowing you to take control of your Philips Hue light system without having to press a button. Alexa, tell smart life to give my cat a ride. With Amazon Alexa you can take control of your smart home, asking it to change the colors of rooms, turn lights on and off using simple commands. You can control your lighting from anywhere in the world through your smart device. You will find a Virtual ID, note it down. Note: Every time you change the name of smart device, you will need to discover this device again to … Download the TCP Smart skill to enjoy controlling your lighting with simple commands. Download Amazon "Alexa" app from Amazon Market, Google Play or iOS App Store, and connect Echo with "Alexa" app; (6). 4 Simple steps to start your TCP smart bulb - Fit, Connect, Play 1.Download the TCP Smart app from Apple app store or google play 2.Fit your tape light. Please test if it works normally with voice commands. ... to move music currently playing, the command is: "Alexa, play spotify in [the bedroom]". TCP Smart WiFi LED Classic Bulbs RGB-W Control your WiFi SMART bulb by voice or using the phone app. A: No, the smart bulb is not standard dimmable bulb, so it can’t work with dimmer. An Alexa smart speaker has the power to control your lights, plugs and other devices – and it's so easy to set up. A custom Alexa command is a great way to control your smart lights with your voice.

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