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Esta imagem provém do Wikimedia Commons, um acervo de conteúdo livre da Wikimedia Foundation que pode ser utilizado por outros projetos.. para mais informações. The FAIR Data Principles are a set of guiding principles in order to make data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (Wilkinson et al., 2016). FAIR is een acroniem voor: Findable - vindbaar; Accessible - toegankelijk; Interoperable - uitwisselbaar; Reusable - herbruikbaar; De internationale FAIR-principes zijn in 2014 geformuleerd tijdens een bijeenkomst in Leiden. These principles provide guidance for scientific data management and stewardship and are relevant to all stakeholders in the current digital Twee jaar later, na een open consultatieronde, zijn de FAIR-principes gepubliceerd. (meta)data are assigned a globally unique and eternally persistent identifier. The FAIR Data Principles propose that all scholarly output should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. The term FAIR was launched at a Lorentz workshop in 2014, the resulting FAIR principles were published in 2016. As a set of guiding principles, expressing only the kinds of behaviours that researchers should expect from contemporary data resources, how the FAIR principles should manifest in reality was largely open to interpretation. The FAIR data principles were drafted by the Force11 group in 2015. Ces principes voient leur origine en janvier 2014 dans des travaux collectifs autour de l'initiative Data FAIRport" [1] en 2014 [2], par un groupe de travail au sein de ‘’FORCE 11’’, une communauté internationale fondée en 2011 composée de chercheurs, d’éditeurs, de sociétés savantes, d’universités, de bibliothécaires, d’archivistes [3]. Histoire de FAIR. The principles have since received worldwide recognition as a useful framework for thinking about sharing data in a way that will enable maximum use and reuse. PIPEDA’s 10 fair information principles form the ground rules for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, as well as for providing access to personal information.They give individuals control over how their personal information is handled in the private sector. Como usar esta imagem fora da Wikipédia. Here, we describe FAIR - a set of guiding principles to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. Fair Information Practices are a set of principles and practices that describe how an information-based society may approach information handling, storage, management, and flows with a view toward maintaining fairness, privacy, and security in a … GO FAIR is a bottom-up, stakeholder-driven and self-governed initiative that aims to implement the FAIR data principles, making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR).It offers an open and inclusive ecosystem for individuals, institutions and organisations working together through Implementation Networks (INs). The Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs) are a set of internationally recognized principles that inform information privacy policies both within government and the private sector. Fair trade is an arrangement designed to help producers in developing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. The RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model Working Group develops as an RDA Recommendation a common set of core assessment criteria for FAIRness and a generic and expandable self-assessment model for measuring the maturity level of a dataset. FAIR Data Maturity Model: core criteria to assess the implementation level of the FAIR data principles. ; Para usar esta imagem numa página da Wikipédia inserir: [[Imagem:Implementing FAIR Data Principles - The Role of Libraries.pdf|thumb|180px|Legenda]] Although specific articulations of the FIPPs vary and have evolved since their genesis in the 1970s, core Revised: May 2019. To be Findable: F1.

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