glock aluminum extended mag release

Drop in replacement. Double Diamond 3.5 Pound Connector. It is also relatively smaller than most other products, which makes it convenient to use. A slight sanding on the radius cured it. $14.99 . Starting at $29.95. Buy It Now. $23.50 . You’ll also be faster to target with a more comfortable grip. Thanks Lenny. In high-pressure situations, getting the balance right is absolutely key to prevent a catastrophic drop. Glock. Prior to installing I had to use 2 hands to release the magazine. A longer release enables those with average or small hands to quickly release the magazine without having to shift your Glock. For those with a Gen 1-3 Glock, T.H.E. Machined Aluminum 23 items; Grey 25 items; Blue 25 items; Black/Black ... Gen4 & Gen5 Glock Extended Magazine Release 98%. And, it feels a lot better on your thumb! Initially it was to sharp on the leading edge that it was gouging my magazine when it was inserted. Metallic Pin & Extended Controls Kit for Glocks. Our Glock 43x Extended Magazine Release / Glock 48 Extended Magazine Release is CNC Machined from aerospace grade aluminum and merges flawlessly with the ergonomics and styling of your G43x/48 handgun. As with any extended magazine release, you’ll experience a lower likelihood of accidentally dropping a mag in a high-pressure situation, which is the most important aspect. They never could tell me when to expect shipment. Shop our vast selection and save! Machined from solid aluminum and made in the USA, this is the no-brainer addition to your G43! Large Hands: Extended mag releases are typically ideal for those with smaller to average hands. CNC Aircraft Quality Billet Aluminum. We think the pros definitely outweigh the cons, but you should certainly consider the whole picture before committing to a purchase to get the best bang for your buck. Brand New. Our exclusive collection contains magazine releases in various colors and brands. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. Will go with that one a well. Gen5 Extended Mag Release for the Glock . You’ll get a beveled and snag-free design that is compatible with many holsters. This enables for an overall lighter magazine release that has durable components. And, it feels a lot better on your thumb! The extended mag release is a kind of universal add-on for Glock pistols. Extended Magazine Release for the Glock 48. I installed this and it didn't work in my Gen 3 G17. The other offering by Ghost on our list is the X-mag Magazine Release for Glock, which is a more thorough redesign of the mag release. $29.95 . Brand New. Adjustment: As with any upgrade, especially those that alter the grip, you’ll need to readjust. The Zev Technologies&trade Extended Magazine Release for Glock® is easy to install and Machined from Billet Aluminum then Hard Anodized. It is designed to give you the maximum surface area possible for comfort and speed of release.This one stick further out than the Low Pro release. $34.95 . CENTENNIAL DEFENSE SYSTEMS Serrated Aluminum Extended Magazine Release For Glock 42 and 43 CENTENNIAL DEFENSE SYSTEMS Coated Extractors For All GLOCK Models GEN 1-5, 42,43,43X,48 Our Price: $58.95 . Our professional metal magazine release is precision machined from billet aluminum alloy. Easy dark prep part, have some doubts about concealability but not bad. Glock Gen 4 & 5 Release & Extended Mag Releases (Click here for Glock Gen 1-3 magazine releases) Increase your Glock's tactical advantage on and off the range with an NDZ Performance extended magazine release. Extended Mag Release Button Glock 43 (Source). I had to file it slightly to prevent mag damage so I have to take 1 star off. A Glock extended mag release takes the original to perfection. I got the silver one for my G19 Gen 3 build. C $25.00. It extends out further than a standard magazine release, which is what makes it easier to use, but that also means it can get activated while your gun is in a holster, and the magazine can fall out. Since this part is not a unique item, being the stock part of the .45 cal frame guns, Glock offers them at an exceptional price point. These Glock 43x/48 Extended Magazine Release function exactly like OEM release and, on top of that, have chevron patterns that add the required texture to it. From United … It arrived in great time. Rectangular Aluminum Extended Mag Release Glock. They can also be serrated after this process by using a checkering file or a jeweler’s file. Additionally, the unique shape with subtle curvature is not too unique to cause fitting problems in most holsters but does prevent the holster from accidentally engaging the button. The bottom line is that this extended magazine release is highly compatible with many setups and users. Magazine Releases. Its compact design makes it lightweight which further adds to its portability. Having an extended magazine release that won’t be accidentally engaged in a holster is obviously very critical and having one that won’t catch on your favorite holster is already enough of a problem that Ghost breezes past. It is also a great option for EDC and self-defense applications. It works fine in my other guns that I don't concealed carry, so it's still very useful. The Tyrant Designs Glock extended mag release lends its superb fit and finish to the side of your pistol. GLOCK Extended Aluminum Button Magazine Releases are designed to give you an edge when you need to change magazines quickly. Yes I installed it correctly. $34.95 . Accessories has also changed the factory release so that there is no metal coming into contact with plastic magazines. Don’t forget to explore our extensive category of OEM parts and Glock accessories. Tactical Base Plate. Sub Categories. I am new to guns and the G23 Gen 3 is my first gun. This Glock magazine release is CNC machined from tough, aerospace grade aluminum, therefore, you know that it’s built to last. Disappointing. Basic replacement for an extended mag release. $34.95 . To save time and add some extra rounds in your Glock, we offer some of the best glock extended mag releases available on the market. Our Glock 43x Extended Magazine Release / Glock 48 Extended Magazine Release is CNC Machined from aerospace grade aluminum and merges flawlessly with the ergonomics and styling of your G43x/48 handgun. Our Glock magazine release are made to the exact specifications as the original firearm.

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